textum, textrum

Vid dyrgripefynd kan sekundärlitteraturen vara minst lika poetisk som poesin.

Posted in litt, William Empson by Terese on 19 juni 2010

”As I understand it, there is always in great poetry a feeling of generalisation from a case which has been presented definitely; there is always an appeal to a background of human experience which is all the more present when it cannot be namned. I do not have to deny that the narrower the chisel may cut more deeply into the heart. What I would suppose is that, whenever a reciever of poetry is seriously moved by an apparently simple line, what are moving in him are the traces of a great part of his past experience and of the structure of his past judgements. Considering what it feels like to take real pleasure in verse, I should think it surprising, and on the whole rather disagreeable, if even the most searching criticism of such lines of verse could find nothing whatever in their implications to be the cause of so stradding a commotion and so broad a calm.”

William Empson, ur Seven Types of Ambiguity.



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