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Men över allt grekerna.

Posted in Daniel Mendelsohn by Terese on 06 april 2012

”But now I can see the real reason I preferred the Greeks, above all the others, to the Hebrews was that the Greeks told stories the way my grandfather told stories. When my grandfather told a story – for instance, the story that ended but she died a week before her wedding – he wouldn’t do anything so obvious as to start at the beginning and end at the end; instead, he told it in vast circling loops, so that each incident, each character he mentioned as he sat there, his organ-grinder baritone seesawing along, had its own mini-history, a story within a story, a narrative inside a narrative, so that the story he told was not (as he once explained it to me) like dominoes, one thing happening just after the other, but instead like a set of Chinese boxes or Russian dolls, so that each event turned out to contain another, which contained another, and so forth.”

Daniel Mendelsohn, The Lost, s. 32.